Reviews - UST Personal Training

“Hey guys, as someone who’s trained in many gyms across the Country and also worked in a number of health clubs over the years, I can honestly say UST Personal Training’s new studio (owned by my good friend Jared Burgess and his Wife Trish) is one of the most unique and nicest facilities I’ve ever seen. Not only is the equipment is top-notch, but being able to train in your own, private workout room with your trainer allows the focus to be on what’s most important; YOU and your RESULTS! Get down to the “Underground” and check this place out! You’ll be glad you did.” -Phil H.

“Having been an athlete my whole life, I have trained with many trainers. after starting college in Tampa, I was feeling out of shape and was hoping to find a trainer in the area. Well I hit the lottery. Jared is by far one of the BEST trainers I’ve ever trained with. He knows his stuff. He’s focused on what I am looking for and I love coming to my workouts. I’ve not only become physically strong but mentally strong as well. Jared understands my goals and is helping me reach them in no time. Like I said Jared knows his stuff! Looking for a great trainer in the Tamps area? Then Jared is the one!” -James P.

“Jared is an awesome trainer who really wants to see results in his clients. He puts together a unique routine for every session that makes it exciting and removes the redundancy that may occur with other programs. He is also very good at modifying the training around old or existing injuries. Jared is very easy to get in contact with and responds to emails and texts very quickly. I would recommend him to beginners and advanced trainers alike.” -Justin L.

“Jared does an excellent job! Unlike some trainers I’ve had in the past, Jared is completely focused the entire workout. His 30 minute training sessions are much more effective than hour sessions at a standard gym. Each workout is different and created personally for each client. Theres a reason he has so many loyal clients and it is because he’s the best!” -Kirstin R.

“I went to several personal trainers in the area and signed up to work out with Jared on the initial consultation even though I still hadn’t met with the other trainers I was reviewing. That should say something about how Jared runs his personal training program. From day one Jared has met my goals by putting together killer work out routines that are never the same and 30 minutes at UST is worth 2 hours I was previously spending BS’ing at LA fitness. I highly recommend Jared to anyone at any level looking to get serious about their fitness goals in the most efficient way possible!” -Paul M.

“Marja goes above and beyond to help you hit your fitness goals! If you are looking for a personal trainer that makes you keep wanting to come back and produces results – Marja is the perfect fitness coach for you. Do yourself a favor and call her ASAP!” -Danielle K.

“Marja will turn anyone over 40 back 20 years! She is unbelievable and her knowledge and dedication is amazing. She walks the walk and talks the talk. Best personal training Studio in South Tampa!!” -James M.

“Excellent , very motivational, creative workouts, food and diet expert. Happy clients with results. Many people agree, you cannot find a better trainer” -Greg J.