About Us - UST Personal Training

UST  Personal Training is an appointment only, premier private personal training facility in South Tampa.   There are many options for personal training, but none compare to what we can offer you.

Experience – We have been in business since 2006.  This is our profession, passion and life.   This is what we do.  We are constantly educating ourselves with all of the latest methods and science of physical fitness.  We have dedicated ourselves to helping a very satisfied and diversified client base in achieving their personal goals.  We can help you do the same.

Private – Personal training is not the same as “Private” Personal Training.  We have 3 private workout rooms, each fully equipped with their own set of equipment to meet the needs of any type of workout.  It is just you and your trainer; no interruption and no working in or around others.  This set up is ideal for for anyone who is intimidated by the typical gym experience and for anyone who wants to focus and get their workout done efficiently and effectively.

Custom – We are not a one size fits all operation.  We customize workouts based on your personal goals and abilities.  Based on your goals, we have the ability to use a wide variety of training methods including: suspension training, cross training, strength training, pilates, core training, boot camp, and cardiovascular training.  We have trained clients with experience levels ranging from those who are just getting off the couch or are recovering from an injury, to the weekend warrior all the way up to the elite professional athlete.  So no matter where you are in your physical journey, we can help you.  We want to help you.

Safe & Clean – You won’t find a cleaner or safer place to work out in.  We all value personal health and safety now more than ever.  By having 3 separate private workout rooms we can deliver on that promise on a level that other workout facilities simply can not.  In addition to the inherent social distancing that exists with our facilities, we sanitize our equipment after each and every client, so you can workout in confidence that your health and safety will not be compromised.

Efficient/Economical – We all live busy lives and sometimes finding time to fit in your training session can be the biggest task of all. Let us help you. Here at UST sessions start at 30 minutes and are more effective than training for an hour on your own. With all of the equipment in one well organized area, no sharing of equipment, and no unnecessary distractions your time is maximized to get the best results in a timely manner.  You are never pressured here to purchase large packages of training sessions and no membership fees. We bill clients monthly based only on the number of sessions you plan to complete. We are here to help you, not push you into large bills you are unsure of.